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Lapidary Organizations, Forums and Discussion Lists

Exchange ideas and information with others who share your interest in lapidary, rockhounding, and geology! Below you will find links to variety of discussion forums and bulletin boards relating to lapidary, rock collecting, geology and its related fields. Note that Inland Lapidary does not endorse any of these listings and is not responsible for their contents and comments. Inland Lapidary provides list of lapidary forums as a courtesy for your education and enjoyment. Please make sure to read any forum's rules before joining or posting and know that some sites may require registration in order to access or post messages. If you know of a lapidary or rock related forum, organization or discussion group that should be included, please let us know!


  • American Federation of Mineralogical Societies (AFMS) purpose is to promote popular interest and education in the various Earth Sciences, and in particular the subjects of Geology, Mineralogy, Paleontology, Lapidary and other related subjects, and to sponsor and provide means of coordinating the work and efforts of all persons and groups interested therein; to sponsor and encourage the formation and international development of Societies and Regional Federations and by and through such means to strive toward greater international good will and fellowship.
  • The American Opal Society is an non-profit organization, educational in nature, whose primary purpose is promoting interest and knowledge of this precious gem. If you are an Opalholic (i.e. passionate opal lover), the American Opal Society is for you!!! We're a non-profit organization whose main purpose is the study and sharing of information about OPAL. We have members who mine, collect, cut or set opal in jewelry, and we all enjoy looking at opal and talking about opal.
  • The British Columbia Lapidary Society (BCLS) is a non-profit organization founded to encourage and promote the lapidary hobby in British Columbia. The organization consists of thirty charter member clubs, with a membership of approximately 1,500 people who collect rocks, minerals, crystals and fossils.
  • Geological Society of America Our mission of GSA is to be a leader in advancing the geosciences, enhancing the professional growth of its members, and promoting the geosciences in the service of humankind.
  • The Gold Prospectors Association (GPAA) was founded in 1968 to preserve and promote the great heritage of the North American Prospector. The GPAA was also dedicated to providing a platform for the exchange of information, presenting an organized voice for recreational and professional prospectors and helping it's members find more gold.
  • International Colored Gemstone Association is a non-profit association which was founded in 1983 to represent the international gemstone industry. The ICA is the first and only organization working to increase the understanding, appreciation, and sales of colored gemstones worldwide.
  • The International Lapidary Association is for all lovers of Lapidary Arts of any kind from mineral collecting to mining, from gemology to gem cutting, faceting and cabbing, jewelry manufacturing, casting, equipment or any thing related, from rocks to finished work.
  • The Mineralogical Society of America (MSA) was founded in 1919 for the advancement of mineralogy, crystallography, geochemistry, and petrology, and promotion of their uses in other sciences, industry, and the arts. It encourages fundamental research about natural materials; supports the teaching of mineralogical concepts and procedures to students of mineralogy and related arts and sciences; and attempts to raise the scientific literacy of society with respect to issues involving mineralogy.
  • Mineralogical Association of Canada (MAC) was formed in 1955 as a non-profit scientific organization to promote and advance the knowledge of mineralogy and the allied disciplines of crystallography, petrology, geochemistry and mineral deposits.
  • United States Faceters Guild (USAFG) purposes are: (1) to promote the art, skill, and teaching of faceting; (2) to expand the knowledge of natural and laboratory-made crystals; (3) to develop and promote uniform rules for faceting competitions within the US and among other countries; (4) to sponsor or assist in managing competitions; and (5) to serve as a national repository and clearing house for faceting designs, published materials, and general information for faceters everywhere.


  • Aussie Lapidary Forum: for anyone interested in rocks & gems and is proudly sponsored by Aussie Sapphire. If you're a collector, lapidary, gemcutter or fossicker, you'll find something of interest here.
  • Gemology Online: A non-profit Forum for the exchange of gemological ideas.
  • Lapidary Arts Forum: Small forum of lapidary artists.
  • Lapidary / Gemstone Community Forum: A community forum for lapidaries of every imaginable gemstone related niche to gather. Sharing a great many topics. Generally beginning with discoveries of various minerals, cutting, shaping and finishing cabochons right on up to and including the designing of jewelry and other gemstone related artwork.
  • Lapidary World: A selection of lapidary enthusiasts from all around the world with a common interest in collecting gemstones and minerals, faceting, jewelry making, metal detecting, buying, selling and trading minerals and gemstones worldwide. Sharing their experience with others and providing stories and information that will benefit the hobby and people within it.
  • The Paleolist: We hope to provide a friendly, entertaining, and illuminating exchange of information among paleontologists, fossil collectors and hunters, as well as general enthusiasts.
  • Rockwerks Lapidary Forum: Talk about rocks, jewelry, gemstones, collecting sites, and much more.
  • Rock Tumbling Hobby: If you are interested in talking with other rock tumbling enthusiasts there is definitely someone here you can chat with.
  • Utah Rockhounding Forum: Boards that are region specific to Utah area.


  • e-min: A discussion list for Dutch-speaking mineral collectors: Deze mineralogie-discussielijst is een unieke gelegenheid om in contact te komen met andere (Nederlandstalige) mineralenverzamelaars in binnen- en buitenland. Via de lijst blijft u tevens op de hoogte van wat er op mineralengebied op het www gebeurt.
  • Google Geology Groups:  Links to google groups dedicated to earthquakes, geology, mineralogy, petroleum, fluids, and other disciplines.
  • The Lapidary List: The Lapidary List is a topical forum dedicated to discussing techniques and methods for tumbling, cabbing, carving, inlay, intarsia and other forms of the lapidary arts.
  • Micromounts: Dedicated to minerals requiring magnification, whether they are actually mounted or not. Discussions of collecting localities and of equipment encouraged. Ads for micromount material and trades are welcome.
  • Mineral Collecting: A forum for mineral collectors to have fun and tell good stories! Open discussions about minerals mineral collecting, mineralogy, geology, or earth sciences in general are welcome. Pertinent topics may be in the form of questions, comments, articles, field trip write-ups, notification of a new mineral related site, events or trips, or epiphanies.
  • Rockhounds:  We are an unmediated email list for amateur rockhounds, fossil collectors, lapidary enthusiasts, and weekend prospectors.
  • The Rockhounds List: An email/BBS discussion group for mineral, rock and fossil collectors and those with general interests in mineralogy, paleontology, geology and the Earth sciences.
  • US Faceters Guild: The USFG Faceters List hosts discussions pertaining to gemstone faceting and design. Beginners and lurkers are welcome! Sponsored by the United States Faceters Guild.